Saturday, November 13, 2010

Stoppin' By To Say Hi!

Oh, hello Blogosphere. Are you still here? I thought all of you were busy writing NaNoWriMo, so deep into your novel world that you forgot the real world existed. No? That's just me? Um. Okay then.

Well, I hate to chat and run but I just stopped by to say hi and that I know you're still here and I promise I'll come back but those characters, well, they really need me. Without me they're just stuck there without a clue what happens next. Since I left them there it's kind of my duty to help them out, to get them where they're going, to maybe even give them a happy ending. Although I still don't know how this story ends so for all I know it won't be happy at all. Which only means that I need to get back to them and find out!

If you're writing NaNoWriMo this month, good luck with your stories and I hope they're going well! If you're not writing NaNoWriMo this month, the Blogosphere is probably a lonely place. But don't despair! Come December 1st everyone will be back with all kinds of fun and interesting stories to tell about their journey through NaNoWriMoLand!

Monday, November 8, 2010

NaNoWriMo Update

One week down and I'm still in line with the 1700-ish lines per day to make the 50,000 goal. Luckily I was able to write ahead almost every day last week because I crashed and burned on Sunday and didn't write at all.

My story is going swimmingly considering I'm still not plotting. And by swimmingly I mean it still actually makes sense and it's not just a bunch of unrelated crap on the page just so I can make word count. My goal is to have an honest to goodness usable first draft that doesn't need to be completely rewritten. So I'm trying to plot as I pants, if you know what I mean. Trying to keep my imagination one step ahead of what I'm writing. It's interesting having two main characters who are taking parallel journeys, weaving those stories together. 

But....they're going to be crashing back together again soon, and boy will the sparks fly when that happens!

So, how're everybody else's NaNoWriMo projects going? Keeping up with word count? Like where the story's going? Running into any problems/issues/concerns?

If you're doing the NaNo and want more buddies, you can add me: mkdbail

Have fun!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm a Real Writer Now!

A couple of things today:

1. I'm a real writer now because I've received 2 rejections this week! Way to go, me. *high fives self*  Okay, now that I've experienced that feeling we can bring on the requests for partials and fulls. Right?

2. Day 2 of NaNo! Woohoo!!! I made my word count goal on day one. Only 29 days left...

3. I revised my logline based on all the wonderful, helpful, lovely comments people left after Steena Holmes' Logline blogfest. Here's the new and (hopefully) improved version:

"Holly Reed is a grad student who yearns to solve the mysteries of her absent family, but when she discovers she’s half faerie and the father she never knew is a renegade who sees her as a mistake he must dispose of before he starts a war with humankind, she’s plunged into a world where her ultimate choice is: forfeit her humanity in order to accept the protection of a faerie who claims he’s her soul mate, or have her memory wiped and go back to her human life, giving up her new magic, her new family, and the man she’s grown to love."

I know it's long, but is it better?

Good luck to all NaNo participants. And agents? Um, done with the rejections, bring on the requests. Okay. Thanks!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Logline Blogfest

Welcome to Steena Holmes' Logline Blogfest! (and happy first day of Nano!!)

The blogfest is pretty straightforward - just post the logline for your novel or project. Steena was gracious enough to allow all participants two lines! However, I've got a one-liner already written, so I'm going to use that. This is the logline for my paranormal romance, Faerie Fate.

"When Holly Reed discovers her father’s a renegade faerie out to kill her before he starts a war with humankind, her only chance for survival may be to accept the protection of Shadow, the faerie who claims he’s her soul mate."

I also wrote a haiku logline just for fun:

Faeries are real. What?!
Rogue fae father wants her dead.
Can soul mate save her?

Now go check out all the other loglines. And if you're writing for NaNo this year - have fun and go write!