Sunday, May 8, 2011

Shout Out for Blogfests

As many of you know, I love blogfests. They're a fun way to meet new bloggers, practice writing in genres or styles or with prompts you normally wouldn't, and to practice your craft.

I usually keep a list of upcoming blogfests over there on the right, but as you can see, all the blogfests on my list are expired, and I haven't seen any new ones advertised recently. Is everyone just exhausted from the A-Z Challenge? Or am I just not tapped into the blogfest Source?

Although I will be hosting a blogfest upcoming (probably at the end of June...but I haven't got the deets planned yet), I'd like to beef up the list for between now and then.

That's where you, dear readers, come in. Do you know of any upcoming blogfests I can add to my list? Join me in scouring the blogosphere for blogfests and let me know what you find. I'll add them to my list and we can have loads of fun blogfesting the summer away!


Laura said...

Hi - more of a giveaway than a blogfest, but my Daily Dodo Mayday Giveaway is on at until May 15th - 30 word micro fiction competition. Prizes are £10 amazon voucher and a goody bag. Extra prizes if my followers reach 200 / 300 by that date

Will keep my eyes peeled for more for you

Jessica Lei said...

Friday the 13th Blogfest :)

Should be fun!

Donna Hole said...

I hear you Mara. I had to search long and hard for the ones in my sidebar. Feel free to poach (how do you think I got them).

I've got Laura's already, but I'll be checking out the flighty temptress. Wow, does that tweak my bad girl . .