Saturday, November 13, 2010

Stoppin' By To Say Hi!

Oh, hello Blogosphere. Are you still here? I thought all of you were busy writing NaNoWriMo, so deep into your novel world that you forgot the real world existed. No? That's just me? Um. Okay then.

Well, I hate to chat and run but I just stopped by to say hi and that I know you're still here and I promise I'll come back but those characters, well, they really need me. Without me they're just stuck there without a clue what happens next. Since I left them there it's kind of my duty to help them out, to get them where they're going, to maybe even give them a happy ending. Although I still don't know how this story ends so for all I know it won't be happy at all. Which only means that I need to get back to them and find out!

If you're writing NaNoWriMo this month, good luck with your stories and I hope they're going well! If you're not writing NaNoWriMo this month, the Blogosphere is probably a lonely place. But don't despair! Come December 1st everyone will be back with all kinds of fun and interesting stories to tell about their journey through NaNoWriMoLand!


DL Hammons said...


Hi back!! :)

Jodi Henry said...

Hi, I am back, as I see you are too.

Just wanted to drop a quick reminder, you signed up for my blogfest, hope the query letter isn't hasseling you too much.

If it is, we'll whip it into shape during the fest.