Sunday, March 13, 2011

Broken Heart Blogfest

It's time for the Broken Heart Blogfest, hosted by Dawn Embers.  The idea is to write something about broken all the wretched emotions involved.

I, of course, wrote another episode of the Happy Acres saga. And if I can ever figure out how to do it, I'll post all the Happy Acres episodes on their own separate page so you can catch up on them all!

It’s visitor’s day here at Happy Acres and my brother promised he’d visit today. He said he’d bring me a Big Mac and another pile of romance novels.

About an hour ago Bill’s wife showed up, and she brought homemade chocolate chip cookies for everyone. I love it when she visits – not only for the cookies, but because Bill leaves T-Bone in his room, and it’s the only time I really get to see Bill’s smile, which is pretty good. It puts a little bit of happy into Happy Acres.

The best place to sit when waiting for visitors is on the arm of the couch, where there’s a straight line of sight to the ward door. By sitting up straight the hallway beyond the door is visible through the little square window. I sat vigil there all day, announcing visitors as they arrived.

After Bill’s wife, it was Tessa’s sister. She’s a hugger just like Tessa. They sat at the table in the day room looking at pictures and sharing news. Tessa held her sister’s hand, or touched her shoulder, or leaned into her, but never lost contact.

Mia’s mom showed up next with cupcakes, of course. We call her Mama Mia and she smiles and laughs and holds her daughter close, but I can tell that even though she puts on a happy front, somewhere underneath she blames herself that Mia's here.

Simon’s wife brought his little daughters today, which kind of surprised me because this is not a place for kids. But Simon scooped the girls up in a big hug, smooching kisses all over their little faces. I had to look away because my eyes stung and I got a lump in my throat that I had to swallow down. But at least Simon was on his best behavior, not even requiring his wife to address him as his majesty, or anything.

For two hours the room buzzed with energy, and everyone was on a kind of family love high that will keep them going for at least another day. But I still sat on the couch, waiting. I strained for a peek out the window, into the hall beyond, but all I could see were orderlies and nurses, going about their jobs. I still held out hope, though. My brother is always late for everything.

And even after Bill’s wife, Tessa’s sister, Mama Mia, and Simon’s family left, amidst a whirlwind of hugs and “I love you’s,” and my fellow inmates floated back to their rooms on their own personal waves of contentment, I still sat, waiting.

Artie, the new guy, sat on the couch behind me.

“I’m sorry your visitor didn’t show up,” he said. I glanced over my shoulder at him. He sat straight-backed and awkward, and I remembered the picture of the woman and girl I found when I snooped his room, and my heart broke for him. Artie’s wife and daughter were gone and he would never sit on the arm of this couch straining to catch a glimpse of his family on visitor’s day.

Okay, so if you're not too depressed now, go check out the other entries and after you've finished reading them, you probably will be depressed. Or at least heartbroken!


AllMyPosts said...

oh!! the story is well told!!

but, I feel, it was not quite a heart broke!! No offense!! I just meant, the emotions are not well portrayed!!

sorry for saying so!!!

with warm regards

Angeline said...

Oh how sad. We've all had that feeling of waiting and waiting for someone who never shows up.
What is heartbreak if not having all your hopes crushed; that moment when you realise you aren't ever going to get what you want.

Heidi Windmiller said...

Ah--this is a heartbreaker.

Hannah Kincade said...

Why did you have to do that? I was flying high today. Now I'm a little low. Well done.

Dawn Embers said...

Awww. Good entry for the blogfest. That is sad, not getting a visitor but watching the others get to see someone. Seems "happy acres" isn't always happy.

Thanks for entering the blogfest.

Tessa Conte said...

*sob* How sad! *munches on Mama Mia's cupcake*

Poor Artie, poor you! *runs to hug you, getting sparkles and frosting all over you*

all better now?

Mara Nash said...

ROFL. Tessa, you are so funny. Much better now with sparkly cupcakes. How can those not unbreak a broken heart, right?

This story is getting so long I'm going to have to cobble it together into a novel soon (which, of course, you know I will do cuz I can't resist)(although I'll probably have to change the names to protect the [ostensibly] innocent).

L'Aussie said...

Hello Mara, long time no see! Great to be visiting your blog again.

Okay once you mentioned homemade chocolate chip cookies I just had to stay until the last drop melted in my mouth. Then I had to make a cuppa. Hmm. Thank you.

Well, the rest? Well, that was sad...


My entry:

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Margo Benson said...

This is one of the saddest pieces. I think it's because there was a hopeful assumption, an expectation... and then the let down. Your character remains falsly upbeat even though the brother never comes. So sad - great job.

Mia Hayson said...

Mama Mia makes the BEST cupcakes. Hahahaaa. But I am also upset with myself that I left you there.


Brilliant entry! I also love how this makes Happy Acres not so happy all of the time. Adds a dimension. Plus, if you come to my room we can totes have a glitter party to feel better. Right, guys? Right??

Mara Nash said...

Mia - you, me and Tessa...we'll have a glitter and cupcake party, and we can help the zombies color a crayon mural on the wall. Sound good?

Donna Hole said...

That was the saddest story I've read yet. It sure broke my heart . .


Ellie said...

So sad. I think I might have a cry now...

Great story!