Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gone But Not Forgotten

This Gone But Not Forgotten blogfest is kind of a cool little fest hosted by Erinn, Alicia, Holly, Pam and Quinta.

The goal is to list your top 5 fave TV shows not making new episodes. They may be gone, but they are not forgotten!

So, here are mine (in no particular order):

1. Stargate SG-1

2. Sliders


3. That 70s Show

4. Stargate Atlantis

5. Pushing Daisies


Raquel Byrnes said...

I totally miss Veronica Mars...does that count?

Great choices...loved Sliders too.

India Drummond said...

The West Wing was my all-time favourite show... I miss it! We've got all seven seasons on DVD, and have watched it from start to finish a couple of times!

I tend to more have shows that started out good, but the quality of the writing faded (Heros, for one). It just got so weird that I quit watching it... Fringe was another that started out great but we grew indifferent to before it was cancelled.

India Drummond

Trisha said...

Some good shows on here, though I don't know the others :)

~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

Pushing Daisy's looked so good, but I never caught an episode. I know it was "my kind" of show :))

That 70s Show cracks me up! Thank God for syndication!!

Erinn said...

Pushing Daisies. AWESOME. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that show. It was a show that knew EXACTLY what it was.

Gone FAR too soon.

Great List. Thanks for joining in on the fun!

Claire Robyns said...

I'm loving the new shows I'm learning about in this blogfest. Sliders? Looks good...

Heather M. Gardner said...

That 70's show was a lot of fun. Looks how many stars came out of it too!
Great list.

Hannah Kincade said...

Stargate is on my all time fave list.

I haven't watched Sliders in ages!!

I never got into That 70s show though I have caught reruns every now and again. Very funny.

Atlantis- I liked but not as much as the original. I miss all my Stargates.

Pushing Daisies is on my list. So many people recommend it!

Great list!

KO: The Insect Collector said...

Loved that 70's show. Some really fantastic actors.
I have been meaning to check out pushing daisies. I will now!

Alicia Gregoire said...

I loved T7S and I totally forgot about Sliders, which was also a terrific show!

Marquita Hockaday said...

That 70's Show was really funny--and it introduced me to one of my celeb husbands- Ashton Kutcher :D

Hart Johnson said...

You know, Sliders is one of those shows I always thought sounded cool that I never managed to watch... Pushing Up Daisies, too. Love That 70s Show--it is sorta rare for me to love a comedy, too--but that is a good one.

Anonymous said...

Great list! I've heard good things about Pushing Daisies, I really need to watch.

Anstice (Tizzy) Potts said...

I used to like Pushing Daisies, it was so weird and surreal but it was so different.

Dan said...

I forgot about Pushing Daisies. Chuck was getting on my nerves close to the end so I was hoping the Piemaker would end up with Olive.

Marie Rearden said...

That 70's Show was great, but when Topher Grace left, it wasn't the same. I think that's how The Office will be when Steve Carrell hits the road.

Nice list!


Ricki Schultz said...

Yes -- I totes miss seeing Ashton Kutcher on a regular basis!

Great list!