Monday, April 18, 2011

O is for Onward

Today is O-Day for the A-Z Challenge. Can you believe we're at O already? April has flown by!

So today I'm going to continue the Happy Acres Tales wherein all the characters are telling how they got to be at Happy Acres.


Mia's Tale

"The zombies wanted to dance a mambo at Burger King?" Artie asked. I couldn't blame him for being confused. It takes some practice to keep up with Mia.

"Oh, yes. That is where the main conflict arrived," Mia said. "But firstly, the tale comes in two parts. Me and the zombies were not always a team. There was a day when I was zombie-free."

I couldn't imagine that. Mia and zombies went together like cupcakes and sprinkles, Shaggy and Scooby, pork and beans.

"They just showed up one day on my doorstep," she continued, "and the longer I looked the more I began to like them and tadaa! Somehow we all decided to stick together. That, and after I saw the note pinned to their foreheads that said, 'take care of us,' I needed to. Defs. So that is how it started."

"And you took them to Burger King to dance and eat the customers?" T-Bone asked.

"Oh no. It was all just a big out of context misunderstanding, you see. The zombies like to mambo, and they like the shiny paper crowns at Burger King. So anyhoodles, it was the thing to do! But of course the local werewolves were there, because they are addicted to Whoppers with extra cheese."

"Werewolves," Simon said.

"Most defs. But werewolves have a longstanding dislike of zombies and vice versa. And we can see where this is going!"

Tessa nodded gravely, because clearly she saw where this was going. The rest of us just hung on for the Mia-ride.

"When the fight broke out, there was much chaos and fighting and me in the middle of it," Mia said. "The fries were flying and ketchup splattered and growling everywheres. And this is where it turned into not the zombies fault at all. When the authorities arrived, everybody disappeared, except for me, of course. Zombies are tres fabsies at hiding and werewolves are like ninjas. So I was a little, 'heeheehee, those sillies,' and all covered in ketchup and maybe with a golden paper crown, and with all the overturned tables and such, they might have taken it out of context a little."

"How could they not," Simon said.

"Apparently invisible werewolves are a hard idea to swallow, so they stamped me as delusional and maybe with a touch of madness, and sent me here. But for certain the zombies had a safety plan. I knew it when they showed up here with crayons and cupcakes and ready to settle in."

"The way I understand it," Artie said, "aside from finding humans tasty, there are some legends that claim zombies are attracted to people with dark pasts."

"Oh, that is tres truthful, Smartie Artie, but something else is that zombies are loyal protectors too. Give them some hotdogs and cupcakes and after that human flesh is no thank you for them, and they will be your friend forever. So we are here to hide from the head honcho werewolf dude. He is non too happy about us disrupting his peaceful Burger King meal."

"You can hardly blame him for that," Tessa said.

Mia nodded. "I agree. Burger King meals are better uninterrupted. It was all a big misunderstanding. But werewolves are notoriously unforgiving. Thankful goodnessly, werewolves are allergic to the smell of hospitals and all places medical, so see? The zombies were heroes for thinking of this plan!"

"Well, I for one am glad you and the zombies are here, Mia," I said, giving her a squeezy hug. "Happy Acres would be nearly intolerable without you."

Mia blushed. "It is the best place to be, for perfect."

"So," I said. "Who's next? Simon or Artie?"


Mia Hayson said...

Yayyyy! And that is defs how it happened *nods* *HUGS*

Sarah Mäkelä said...

I totally can't believe that April is zooming by! Very cool post. =) I love that there is mention of werewolves.

Jeffrey Beesler said...

The A-Z Challenge has definitely made April flown right on by. I'm glad to have been a part of it, and to meet wonderfully new people like you through it.

And maybe the zombies will have a better time at Taco Bell. I hear werewolves get indigestion from the food there.